Sacred Symbols in our Jewelry

Native art is for everyone, and we want to share with you all the magical meanings behind the sacred geometries that we use in our work. Many of these symbols have been utilized by many cultures all over the world for a long time. That is why on this page, we will be elaborating on their meaning from a universal point of view, originating from theory as well as observation.

Stars - Estrellas

The symbol of the star in general represents the radiant sun, lighting up our path and helping us to connect with our inner magic, as well as our balance with everything that is divine.

Flowers - Flores

Beautiful and medicinal, these wonderful miracles of nature mirror our human cycles of growth and rebirth, effortlessly acting in service of the life within them as well as everywhere around them.

Butterflies - Mariposas

These pretty little insects are light and joyful, but they also carry a deep and meaningful message of the power of transfiguration, their metamorphosis a reminder of our cycles of life.


A natural phenomenon that speaks to us directly about the power of complementary forces, femenine and masculine, and a reminder that manifestation comes only through the strong energies brought by transformation.

Hummingbirds - Colibrís

Messengers of the divine and keepers of balance within nature, these little birds work tirelessly to pollinate many plants species only accessible through their long and slender beaks, and they are often said to represent the presence of our loved ones who have passed away.